"Eveon proposes a revolution within the energy market, introducing the concept of 'energy tranquility.'" Based on this concept, the creation of graphics pieces was proposed to represent the campaign concept; despite it has not yet been implemented, it served as a valuable exercise to integrate new tools and working methods within the team.


Art Direction

Graphic Design



Based on the central concept, Eveon's campaign proposal employs three basic geometric shapes (circle, square, and triangle), each with a specific color within the brand palette.

In the initial phase, the shapes were mixed to create intricate patterns with gradients, reflecting distinctive attributes of EVEON. 

Subsequently, in its second phase, the proposal simplifies the language, emphasizing the basic shapes as protagonists and containers for key messages.

Animation plays a prominent role in conveying the values of fluidity, consistency, security, and multiple options. The choice of typography focuses on readability and adaptability, both conceptually and functionally.